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I'm @ Browny In Search of my cutie mark.
Currently not producing much for Deviant Art, since i try to learn tings like; potentially modelling, animations, sprites making, game programming, game scripting, game story, others tings for game, more game tings... It is Unknown if i will become skillful or give up interest into this objective after failing to earn a cutie mark of game development&production and join the CMC's =@

In the past i did some MLP Gif animations out of short scenes from the official episode, but deviant art refused to keep them hosted here and i never uploaded them elsewhere. Even produced a subbed version of the pinkie pie awesome smile song, wit near perfect timing : Pinkie pie Smile song wit karaoke&Lyrics, on Youtube

Sometime i add video, MP3 and game saves on my skydrive, they are available for public. The link for them are usually in the concerned video description. You can search in the "Pro Games" playlist in my youtube channel.

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Current Residence:…
Favourite cartoon character: cant choze~ PinkiePie4songs,Luna4awsomness,RainbowDash4Being20%cool, DerpyHoves4BeingLikeMe
It been a while i'm thinking of it and evaluating if it is realizable.
I am planing to learn to draw properly since i started to use Gimps, but more specially i am gathering data and tutorials to learn to use Unity-3D, Blender, Animating like in flash, animating and modelling and editing like for MMD and Utau-like programs...
Now the question is, why do i try to learn all those by myself and for what purpose ?
Simple answer : i plan to produce a game all by myself, no little ting actually, i did already write part of the script/game-play/balance tables/some quests/battle system/etc... and that for exactly 4 different games.

First one will be more like a 3D dungeon first person view, wit semi-animated battle sprites, many puzzles, partial RPG system, and a special option of *bring your own music* (reference to bring your own wine-restaurants). I plan to make this game for Portable phone, since graphics quality need is not as big as for computers games, and i will be making this game to LEARN to use those programs and master encoding for the next games. Would be single player game, but i plan to make a RPG duel system to practice the multi-player or online encoding for future games. I also plan to make a serie of this game in the future, always for portables phones, but only after i improved my skills.

Second one would be a side-scrolling action-RPG game. If you played Mapple story or Gaia online, i think those game are examples of side scrolling action-RPG. Also planed for portable phones, as second step to learn to program multi-player games. Yes, this game is expected to be multi-players, it is uncertain if it will be only advanced duel and few multi-player mission, or a more permanent multi-player system. The issue would be the phones connections for online games to make this tricky. It is possible to also be a *bring your music* system game, but it will remain unconfirmed until the game is released.

3e and 4e, are for computers. One of them is a sequel of the side-scrolling action-RPG game, as mega multi player online for computers. The last one would be a complete 3D MMO game for computers, and this last one is expected to be "FREE TO pay eerm PLAY". The issue wit online game is that it require server, maintenance, game masters and others costs so to cover those... that will be detailed in due time as it is not this year i will produce it, due to possible changes on how to handle this.

No need suggestions for financing or help yet, it is still in development and require me to have passed over 1 year at learning the countless systems. I do not expect to receive help on producing it, and will possibly refuse unless i know the individual personally. I seen some free online game development encountering issues wit "free" personnel working on it, and this is the reason why i prefer to make it almost completely myself : copyright conflicts & copyrights issues, that can occur if one helper change it mind, or if one try to "take over" the whole project ...
If you know about Equestriaonline wit RainDrop and it helpers, the clash that made them leave and create  Legendsofequestria wit half of the work done for Equestriaonline (it was the artists work, so they decided to use their already existing work to create another project ... they somehow had the right to decide were their artwork and modelling work would be used, or simply refuse and withdraw like they did from Equestria online).
So, i am not really interested to team wit others, i prefer take more time to do it myself AND make sure the projects do not meet conflictual delays like the said project issued.
I AM NOT TO TALK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED WIT THOSE 2 GROUPS, i only stated why i refrain myself from having a group of volunteers, specially since the whole world seem to be entering a social crisis =s

So i expect to nearly single-handle create games, but i cant do it full time AND work full time to pay the bills D= Sooo i planed a few ideas to be able to pay the programs and the bills. I will not accept that you trow your money at the screen YET, i still need to learn the skills to do it. I am good at learning wen i have the motivation, but getting the motivation is sometime the major issue for me.
For some details were i will be unable to produce myself, i believe i will make a contest to encourage others to indirectly help, but wit PRIZES for the ones i chose. Wen the game will be close to be published, it will need me to create a web site and a forum for the first game and the others ones to come. I will need some to help deal wit the social community as if i pass my time on forum as administrator, this is the same time that is NOT PASSED TO DEVELOP THE GAME =@ so this is why i will by then, seek some to act as moderator to help out there.
And since i'm not the most qualified in social, i am more skilled in designing or planing projects... ill will work on the stuff i am strong

Just remember, no money will reach me even if you try to, not until i officially succeed the first game Alpha stage/official web site...
It will be a small company name that do not exist yet, since some game like the first one will be sold by digital copy for a low price and still be a good game .


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